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The Hive Is a Skyscraper Covered in Drones, and It Is Terrifying

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Possibly even scarier than if it was covered in bees

The runner up in eVolo's annual Skyscraper Competition (which is pretty much the best thing) is a conceptual skyscraper known as "The Hive" from American entrants Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yifeng Zhao, and Chengda Zhu, who imagined a not-too-distant dystopian future in which drones are very, very important—so important, in fact, that it makes sense to have an entire skyscraper that is covered in drone landing docks. How scary does this look? Very scary. We don't think it's going too far to say that a skyscraper covered in bees would be less scary than this one.

The Hive: Drone Skyscraper [eVolo]