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Slick Aussie Contemporary Pad Looks Like Bond Family Home

...if James Bond were the family type

Pixar's Incredibles brought viewers into the (almost) typical, suburban life of a family of superheroes, but their modest home in the film was a slice of midcentury perfection, not cutting-edge, capital-A architecture.

This geometric home, designed by Aussie firm Vibe Design Group, this 3,476-square-foot (323 square-meter), two-story residence, serves up a different style altogether, looking a bit more like the place James Bond and Moneypenny finally settle down.

Dubbed Hayes Road, the house—in Melbourne's Strathmore suburb—is clad in prefab panels in black and white and comprises two volumes: The ground level makes way for the open-plan living and dining room and kitchen, while the upper story accommodates the bedrooms and baths. Polished concrete floors, walnut veneer-paneled walls, and stone and marble accents throughout add up to a look the architects call "minimal luxury."

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