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Tricked-Out Micro Home Built Inside Volkswagen Van

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From a passenger van to sleek mobile digs

Many cool mobile micro homes pride themselves on an eye-catching exterior design—but not this one. Created by German designer Nils Holger Moormann, this discreet but jazzy mobile home hides inside a Volkswagen T6 passenger van, painted a matte black to match the kitchen cabinets—yep, you can cook in there!—inside. Indeed, the compact interior space is minimalist, small-space design unleashed in full force.

According to Dezeen, Moormann started by "omitting everything that could possibly be omitted" before adding in "functional details" And the result? A sleek getaway home with a merino wool sofa that sleeps up to two, real oak paneling for floors, side, and ceiling, a working stovetop, and compact built-in shelving and storage. Take a closer look.