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Fractal-Inspired Aussie School Full of Wild Curves, Pretty Bricks

Not your average middle school

Aussie design blog The Design Files usually showcases some of the coolest homes from Down Under, but its latest column on architectures shines a light on the delightful new building for a Melbourne girls' middle school. The newest in a series of buildings Australian firm McBride Charles Ryan completed for the Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, this design has its roots in the fractal geometry of French-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot.

In practice, this translates into a fractal-like floor plan and a recurring system of arcs that create dynamic exterior spaces. Clad in a sea of glazed glass bricks in beautiful shades of blue and green, a refreshing color theme that also extends to the lockers, the curvaceous school shows a bit more restraint than this new rainbow-lollipop-esque school in Singapore. But we think it's just as fun. Check out the full story and more photos here.