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Gorgeous Midcentury 'Petal House' in Napa Valley Asks $1.7M

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With terraces and views on all sides

Location: Napa, California

Price: $1,698,000

Charming midcentury architecture and a breathtaking wine country atmosphere come together in the 1962 "Petal House," designed by Walter Thomas Brooks, a California architect who found architectural inspiration in the forms of the natural world. As its name might suggest, this gated single-story house, located a 10-minute drive from downtown Napa, is defined by its sweeping, "petal-like" roof, which hangs over wraparound concrete terraces with stunning mountain and valley views.

Inside the 2,165-square-foot home, rich materials mingle to stellar effect. The three-bedroom house features heated concrete floors, redwood and plaster vaulted ceilings, as well as extensive glass walls opening up to the outdoors. The truly lush one-acre property also comes with a regulation bocce court, fruit trees, a zip line, and trails.