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Renovation Creates a Beautiful Apartment Above a Design Boutique

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Scandi meets Japanese, just like the goods in the ground-level shop

Ever wonder what goes on inside the homes above dense urban shops? Well, one recent feature on Dwell goes deep inside one such property in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto, where a renovation by local firm Studio Junction carved out a warm, breezy home.

Owned by Juli Daoust and John Baker, owners of the ground level design goods boutique Mjölk, the home is a reflection of the store's Scandinavian meets Japanese sensibilities—that is to say the two-level apartment embraces clean design with a big focus on wood materials. Particularly charming is the courtyard built onto the top floor, which connects the living room with the kitchen and dining areas, creating a sun-lit space that encourages communal living. Head to Dwell for the full story.