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How Much Would You Pay For a House That Comes With Its Own Stalker?

Does $1.25 million sound fair?

The Westfield, New Jersey house that is infamously haunted by a very creepy stalker who calls himself "The Watcher" is back on the market, asking $1.25 million. Presumably that's less than it was asking the last time the owners, who paid $1.4 million for the place in 2014 and are currently suing the sellers for failing the disclose the thing about The Watcher, asked the last time they put it on the market. All of which raises an interesting question: how much would you pay for this house? Because on one hand, you're definitely getting a deal, and that weirdo probably isn't going to do anything. But on the other hand, there are enough unpleasant things to contend with in life without voluntarily taking on a mystery stranger who keeps contacting you and is obsessed with "young blood."

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