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You Can Now Turn Your Hikes Into 3D Sculptures, If You're Very Proud of Going on Hikes

Finally, something that can inform your houseguests: "I like walking"

Around the time that people started posting maps of their jogs onto Facebook, you probably had a thought something along the lines of: at least there is no way that people could ever more obviously display their extreme pride about having traveled somewhere on foot. But think again, because now there is a company that will take a hike you went on and 3D print a sculpture of it, which it refers to as a "trophy." It's a good thing this came along, because it seems a lot more reasonable (and cheaper) than the thing that we'd been doing, which was getting a tattoo that says "I DID A WALK" every time we hiked.

Convert Your Favorite Hikes into Tiny Mountain Replicas [PSFK]