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Breezy Concrete House in Mexico Makes the Most of Narrow Site

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It also takes advantage of the gorgeous climate

The best residential design makes the most of an awkwardly shaped site to provide clients something that suits their needs—and does so gracefully. This three-story concrete house in Merida, Mexico, designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, is one such clever answer to the problem of a wonky piece of land.

The house rises above the limitations of its lush, narrow site, literally: Encompassing three stories, "Raw House"—so named for the largely unaltered natural materials of which it's made—includes a breezy open-plan, double-height living and dining room (plus kitchen) on the ground level, which leads right out to a backyard terrace with a small pool and garden. The second level is technically a mezzanine, with a multipurpose space with a bit of seating and storage. Bedrooms and bathrooms take the more private third level.

Off the master bedroom, a tiny courtyard that can be closed off via sliding glass or opened up for fresh air and light provides a contemplative space, should one want to roll right out of bed and into a chair in the sun.

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