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We're Not Entirely Comfortable With a Window That Turns Into a Balcony

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It doesn't look that relaxing

This window-that-turns-into-a-balcony from designers at HofmanDujardin and manufacturers Kawneer is a more extreme version of something that we've seen before, but unlike the skylight-that-turns-into-a-balcony, with this one, the thing that you're standing on is formerly part of the window, and unlike the other-window-that-turns-into-a-balcony, this one actually turns into a balcony. And, honestly, we're not really down with it. We're sure it's very strong and safe, but standing in the open air on a piece of glass that was a window mere moments before does not look that relaxing.

This window transforms into a balcony right before your eyes [Inhabitat]