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Guy Lives in Box in Order to Pretend He's Not Living in Friend's Apartment

That's one way to pretend you don't have roommates

A man in San Francisco has been getting some attention for living in a wooden box, which he constructed himself, in order to save money and also make some kind of point about the ridiculousness of the San Francisco housing market. The box is in his friend's living room and he pays $400/month in rent. "It sounds very dystopian: 'Man lives in pod,'" he told Curbed SF.

That's kind of what it sounds like. But what it really sounds like is that his friend allowed him to rent his living room for $400/month and then he made it all weird. Like, is he not allowed to come out of his pod? That is probably not the case. He probably comes out all the time and and uses the kitchen and bathroom and the half of the living room that he hasn't ruined. That's just called being somebody's roommate. Being a roommate in an apartment is not a thing that this guy invented, is all we're saying.

Artist Designs Sleeping "Pod" to Afford Renting in San Francisco [Curbed SF]