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Century-Old NYC Loft-Style Apartment Gets Groovy Revamp

White walls and cleaner furniture make a huge difference

Sometimes exposed brick becomes the centerpiece in a revamped pad, sometimes it's better off covered up. Such is the case with this satisfying pre-war apartment renovation in New York City, where the homeowner's wish for a clean, modern apartment resulted in bright white walls and a host of new clean-cut furniture. Recently shared on Zillow's blog, the renovation was completed by Lexi Tallisman of local firm Greyscale Interiors.

In the living room, a muted rug helps anchor the space, while a pair of vintage chairs upholstered in emerald velvet looks especially dashing against the wood walls. We also like that the atmospheric wallpaper introduced in the sleeping area instantly give the space a put-together feel, as opposed to seeming like a drab, forgotten corner of the home. Check out more the whole makeover story here.