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Micro Cabins Provide Rustic Glamping Retreat

You won't be roughing it in these

Attention lovers of nature who don't necessarily want to rough it! There's an option for you—in northwestern Slovenia. These A-frame micro cabins by Lushna, a Slovenian "glamping" company, offer tiny, rustic retreats for folks who want to be close to nature without being in it.

Called—perhaps generously—"Lushna Villas," this series of simple triangular cabins is made of solid larch, with broad glazing on one side for the best view of the surrounding landscape. The units are compact (the company calls them "bedrooms in nature") and are heated, ventilated, and equipped with electrical connections. LED lights illuminate the threshold at night, should you need.

For those who want to purchase a cabin for use closer to home, that's possible, too. And the cabins come with four cladding types, including a moss-planted green roof, slate, timber shingles, and canvas.

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