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Speckled Stackable Stools Will Offer Chic Seats for the Design-Obsessed

They're the work of British designer Max Lamb

British industrial designer Max Lamb is a fan of the speckle. First we wrote about the engineered marble he created, which is flecked with dark blue, deep green, burnt orange, and golden chunks of other Italian marbles, called Marmoreal. Meant to be used for any kind of architectural surface, it was deployed to eye-popping effect in bathrooms from Paris to Los Angeles.

Now comes news from Berlin-based online furniture retailer Hem that Lamb is bringing his love of all things freckled to the stackable Last Stool he designed for the company. It's already available in polished brass, polished copper, and white-painted steel, so this an upping of the ante, so to speak. Lamb, who's represented in the U.S. by New York City's Johnson Trading Gallery alongside folks like Curbed favorite Katie Stout, is known for work that revels in raw materials, from granite to timber and everything in between.

No word yet on when they'll be available for purchase, but you can check out a brief preview video below.

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