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5 Timber Cabins Offer Dream Summer Escape on Swedish Island

One of the cabins is just a sauna, because Scandinavia

These five cabins, made of blackened pine boards and designed by Stockholm-based architecture studio Margen Wigow Arkitektkontor, comprise a rustic summer retreat for a client who, Dezeen reports, "wants to live a simple life close to nature," particularly on summer holidays and weekends. Don't we all?

Set on the shores of one of the Swedish capital's islands (the capital itself as an archipelago), the compact structures take the form of their roofs—which are pitched—from the area's vernacular fishing huts. The all-timber interiors have a certain charm, one that's certainly not lavish: Because the islands don't have access to the electric grid, for example, the soapstone fireplaces heat the structures, while kerosene lamps provide illumination.

The main house, which sits at the crest of the sloped site, accommodates a bedroom and central living/dining room, while the ancillary structures include a guest cabin, boat house, shed, and (because Scandinavia) a sauna.

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