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Tiny Apartment Gets Colorful Revamp in London

Graphic, fun wallpaper punches up several spaces

Just a stone's throw from London's famed Tower Bridge lies this 45-square-meter apartment (about 484 square feet), which Stuttgart, Germany-based firm Studio Alexander Fehre gave a zany, colorful revamp in order to optimize the compact space.

The central challenge was making the most of the flat's very narrow kitchen and bathroom: In the kitchen, this meant custom on-wall storage for cookbooks, pots, and pans; in the bathroom, this meant niches for stashing soap, shampoo, and other bath goods. It doesn't hurt, either, that each space features some punchy accents: foliage-patterned wallpaper in the bath and a geometric black-and-white pattern in the kitchen punch up each room.

The firm also employed bright hues in each room, creating custom fire-engine-red seating and a table for a dining area off the kitchen and a deep purple in the bedroom. The project further proves that tiny apartments needn't be all-white or mirrored within an inch of their lives to feel a bit more spacious and livable.

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