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Memphis Design Inspired a Creative Firm's Vibrant New Office

It's '80s Postmodernism with a 21st-century twist

Hot off the heels of unveiling a whimsical, Technicolor furniture collection (inspired by toadstools, no less) for Missana, Spanish design firm Masquepacio is offering a glimpse into its equally colorful offices in the city of Valencia, which are, naturally, decked out in the furniture they created and seven punchy, Memphis-inspired shades of blue, pink, and green that are the company's signature.

Combining birch and oak plywood, painted medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and marble surfacing, the colorful office is a mix of partitioned, cubicle-like work areas and larger, airy meeting rooms. The eclectic material palette, Masquepacio told Dezeen, is a reference to the many kinds of projects taken on by the studio, including art direction, branding, and interior design work.

Foliage fills the space, from the reception area—where a custom pink plant box hangs on a wall—to unused space above a storage unit in a conference room. The look isn't for everyone, but it certainly beats the drab neutrals of some workspaces.

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