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You Can Now Make Tortillas Out of Pods Using This Tortilla-Pod Machine

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The future is here...and it's weird

Here is a list of things that people say in this video promoting the Flatev, a machine that is like a Keurig for tortillas (i.e. you insert a pod into the machine and a tortilla comes out), which no one was asking for but which nevertheless now exists. They are ranked from least to most questionable.

5. "The tortilla [...] really paired well with the salsa and the guacamole."

4. "Tastes exactly like a homemade, handmade tortilla."

3. "We believe we will change the world."

2. "You can use it every place. You can take your machine with you, take it to every party and make people happy."

1. "It is the very best tortilla I have ever had."

The Keurig For Tortillas Is Here, Designed By A Nest And GoPro Vet [Co. Design]