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Renovation Restores Ailing 1800s Flat With Dazzling Mod Twist

Traditionalists may balk, but the results are gorgeous

Traditionalists will tell you that any home renovation that doesn't aim to restore a residence to its original state—that is, one that respects the space's "bones," its historic character—is really a "wreckovation" (hats off to Anna Dorfman of Doorsixteen for the lingo).

But there's another camp, of course, that cherishes the weird eclecticism of a revamp that layers in elements of modern living, whether with newfangled materials, lighting, furnishings, appliances, or more.

In Lisbon, Portugal, firm Fala Atelier's redo of the Chiado Apartment, which clocks in at 120 square meters (about 1290 square feet), provides an excellent example of the latter: It's a renovation that honors the ornate plaster ceiling work and other elements of the original 19th-century apartment while zhoozhing things up with gorgeous hand-painted blue interior doors and window shutters and funky, thoroughly modern ceiling lamps.

Touches that hint at the home's past without being entirely referential abound: the blue and white tile in the kitchen is lovely and lightly reminiscent of traditional Portuguese porcelain tile in similar hues; Newly added curved walls throughout are modern without being rigid. The place makes 90-degree angles seem downright drab.

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