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Frank Zappa's House Has Been Listed For $9M...on Kickstarter

That's one way to bypass the brokers

In what absolutely has to be the best Kickstarter reward of all time, one contributor to documentary maker Alex Winter's campaign to finance his Frank Zappa film Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa? could receive Zappa's actual Hollywood Hills house...if he or she kicks in a $9 million donation. The total goal for the campaign, which launched today, is $500,000 with a reach goal of $3 million, which would fund the movie and be used to preserve Zappa's Vault. The $9 million, of course, would be mostly used to buy the house from the Zappa family. Here's the listing, as it were:

If one generous soul decides to contribute $9MM,* WE'LL be able to start saving The Vault and telling Frank's story RIGHT NOW. In exchange, YOU'LL get the ENTIRE LIST OF REWARDS above, and also...






Seriously. You'll own 8,000 sq. ft of Frank's private abode, where he lived from 1968 until his death in 1993 -- complete with swimming pool, tennis court, recording studio space, subterranean vault, guest houses, and much, much more. The contents of the actual house aren't included, but all sorts of other insane rewards and experiences are.

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