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If You Want the Blanket From A Clockwork Orange, You Can Make It Yourself Over the Course of 6 Months

Or you can just satisfy yourself by watching this video

If you've ever coveted Alex's cool tented hexagon blanket from A Clockwork Orange that's too bad because Stanley Kubrick apparently had it destroyed after the movie wrapped and it has never been produced commercially. However, you could always follow in the footsteps of this guy with a web series and make your own. But before you do, definitely watch the video, because what began as a simple expedition into "retro-futuristic awesomeness" ends up a six-month ordeal. Part of the fun is watching the realization of how much this is dawn on his face, and the other part is just watching the blanket come to life and be very good.

One fan spent 6 months recreating the bedspread from A Clockwork Orange [AV Club]