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Rustic Pacific Northwest Retreat Wrapped in Blackened Timber

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We'd summer here in a heartbeat

Dubbed the "Little House," this oxidized black cedar-clad and blackened-cement home by Seattle studio M W Works Architecture + Design undersells itself, perhaps, clocking in at 1,100 square feet. The house, which sits on a wooded site overlooking Washington State's scenic Hood Canal, is, however, compact: The boxlike residence is 20 feet square, according to its architects.

The goal was to fashion a simple, modest home that privileges the landscape over formal flourishes on the architects' part. Mission accomplished. The interiors are all pine plywood (on the floors) and exposed-timber beams on the ceiling are rustic verging on the ascetic. Glazing on the house's north and west sides frame the view.

Custom cabinetry—in the kitchen and in the bedroom—features simple notch pulls on drawers and doors, further minimizing the potential for visual clutter. It's not just a retreat from the city; it's a sanctuary from some of the aesthetic and visual clutter common in modern life.

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