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Are Gallery Walls Worth the Fuss?

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The trend is so easy to mess up

Okay, okay. We know we have expounded on how gallery walls are are a clever way to jazz up a small space. And we also recognize it's an awfully popular idea. Check out its meteoric rise on Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of specific search terms since 2004.

But the thing about gallery walls's so hard to get it right, and so easy for it end up looking unedited and busy and just, too much. As you can see in the examples below, there are seemingly endless variables to account for: the frames, arrangement, actual content of the works displayed, number of works to display, and so on.

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Curbed staffers recently took this discussion to the intra-office messaging service Slack, in which the following sentiments transpired:

I ​want​ to like gallery walls, I’ve just recently combed the entire internet for ones done well and it’s rare...

The thing with gallery walls is that they should be used sparingly because it's so easy to do them wrong. The fact that it became a ​ thing​, an easy way to throw everything up on a wall without editing, is the fallacy.

First, 95% on the internet are garbage, so the ​good​ and ​ OG gallery walls have got a bad rep. Second, the key to a successful gallery wall is to not be uniform. It leaves too much room for error and it looks uninspired.

People have feelings! What about you? Do you have "gallery wall" rules to abide by? Is it worth the effort at all? Let us know in the poll and comments below.