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Gorgeous 'Architectural Portraits' Capture New York City's Cinematic Side

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This one is for the romantics

Cities change. In few places is such change more fast-paced and fraught than in New York, where issues of real estate speculation and displacement—of individuals, businesses, and entire communities—are hot-button subjects.

So one could consider the work of Brooklyn-based, Parisian-born lensman Franck Bohbot a kind of public archiving service for nostalgics. Bohbot took to the streets to capture these dreamy, filmic nighttime scenes of Manhattan storefronts. From movie theaters to billiards halls and corner delis, the scenes—aglow with the light of neon signage and street lamps—serve as a romantic meditation on what makes people so weak-in-the-knees about cities. The city is more than the sums of its bricks: It's a stage on which people mete out the moments of their lives, in places that could be gone in a flash.

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