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10 Fab Instagram Accounts for Minimalists

So mesmerizing

"Help! I can't stop looking at minimalist Instagram accounts!" was a real thought that ran through my mind recently. Though in my defense, there are just so many of them out there. From popular hashtags like #minimal_lookup and #ig_minimal to curated feeds dedicated to sharing minimalistic shots, the visual-based social network is brimming with celebrations of simple forms, crisp colors, and striking lines. Unsurprisingly, architecture—with all its geometric and material richness—is a popular subject for these minimalism-obsessed 'grammers. Below, 10 great accounts to start with. (And do comment below if you have a minimalist fave.)

Happy scrolling!

1. @ascobereta

A photo posted by @ascobereta on

2. @le_blanc

A photo posted by Sebastian Weiss (@le_blanc) on

3. @sasha_vithin

A photo posted by Sasha Vithin (@sasha_vithin) on


A photo posted by Téber (@teber) on

5. @aquadro_studio

6. @petenavey

A photo posted by Pete Navey (@petenavey) on

7. @ilmassimo

A photo posted by m a s s i m o (@ilmassimo) on

8. @azmircvlt

A photo posted by azmir abdvllah (@azmircvlt) on


A photo posted by Hernán. (@hernanmat) on


A photo posted by Marcus (@marcuscederberg) on

Bonus! We just launched a new Instagram account at @CurbedAfterDark—it's @curbed but in black-and-white. It's not always minimalist, but oftentimes so!