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Modular, Pastel Seating Animates Adorable Tea Cafe

It's our architectural cup of tea

When Filipino tea master Renée Sebastian decided to open a tea shop inside of a Manila shopping mall, she turned to architect Íris Cantante to create a unique space with Philippine flair. The cute and colorful design for Sweetea's was inspired by the shape of the Philippines's ancient rice terraces—known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."

Brightly painted custom benches tuck neatly into the space beneath the counter in the front of the store. The angled benches and undulating lounge space at the rear of the cafe were directly influenced by the topographic terrain of the famous rice terraces.

The cafe's built-ins and furniture were made using locally sourced bamboo plywood, with local Romblon marble for the countertop. The ceiling has another cute touch—a series of illuminated "clouds" are made of white glitter-filled tea bags.

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