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Public Housing Becomes Sleek Private Home With Luxe Revamp

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A circa-1970s public housing unit gets new life

To revive the interiors of a 1970s apartment in a former public housing complex in London's Hackney neighborhood, local firm Archmongers gave a couple (plus pooch) this sleekly appointed new home, which features a brand-new layout and high-end finishes.

Dubbed the Peek House—so named for the new visual connections between open-plan areas of the home—the architects embarked on a total demolition of the existing interiors. Then, they built the space back up with a more luxe material palette, including marble countertops (and a marble backsplash) in the kitchen, brass and marble-accented balustrades in the central stairwell, and speckled flooring in the bathroom.

In the living room, exposed rafters—revealed during the renovation by removing the existing ceiling—help heighten the space and give it some much-needed architectural character.

Outside, the architects simply cleaned the facade and replaced existing fencing with new black posts and slats, in keeping with restrictions on the property.

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