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Transforming Apartment Fits Everything You Need in 309 Square Feet

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Transforming apartments—oh you know, a movable wall here, a drop-down bed there—are nothing new, but this micro apartment renovation in Hong Kong takes it to another level with the sheer scope of small-space design wizardry deployed across the 309-square-foot space. Given how notoriously cramped Hong Kong flats are, however, clever design may be more of an necessity than a fancy touch.

To design the dream apartment for a couple and their three cats, local firm LAAB had to think beyond 3D space and take into account a fourth dimension of time. This means planning for all the different functions the space might serve throughout the day, from a dressing room in the morning to a kitchen during meal times to a media room when friends come over to an anytime workout space, and so on.

How exactly did they do this? As shown in these GIFs and the project video, the apartment is transforming all the time via tailor-made features like: a bathtub that turns into seating with some slats and cushions, a movable wall that also serves as a vanity and shelving, hidden storage in the floor and above the kitchen, a wall hook to facilitate workouts, a built-in catwalk and feeding bowls, and more. Small it may be, but the apartment also manages to incorporate some smart home technologies, including a phone-controlled entrance system and lighting.

Take a closer look below and let us know in the comments if you would be up for living in an apartment like this one!