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Courtyard House Showcases Beauty of Simple Materials

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Brick, metal, and wood converge to elegantly simple effect

Though luxurious modern homes of all sorts tend to get the most play on these pages and elsewhere, there's something to be said for design innovation on a limited budget, with the most basic materials.

Showcasing the power of such simple materials—and a sensible design that responds to its tropical climate—this brick house rises on a compact site in the southwestern Ecuadorian city of Babahoyo, providing a home for a fruit vendor and her two children.

Designed by local firm Natura Futura Arquitectura, the two-bedroom, two bath house sits on a lot just 1500 square feet. Sitting behind a screenlike white brick wall, the dwelling—also composed of white brick—is a long rectangular volume capped with a corrugated metal roof held aloft by angular metal supports, accessed by crossing a courtyard and garden.

Windows and doors—like the set of sliding ones that provide the main point of entry into the home—are made of locally sourced slatted wood, offering passive ventilation.

Inside, spaces include an open-plan kitchen and family room and two bedrooms (including an en-suite master bedroom), a bathroom, and an additional bedroom.

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