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Furniture That Can Charge Your Phone: 3 Product Lines to Watch

It's about time

With smartphones, wearable tech, and all things, well Internet of Things, infiltrating our lives, keeping all those devices charged will be a huge headache if we have continue dealing with a jumble of cables, adapters, outlets, and battery packs. It's no surprise then that the wireless charging industry is expected to boom in the next few years. And one way this is playing out? Wireless charging furniture.

When Ikea launched its line of wireless charging furniture last spring, it was as if a future of effortless device-charging as we do our business around the house was suddenly within reach—never mind that the lamps and side tables themselves would still need to be plugged in and that some phones, including iPhones, need a special case in order to work with the Qi wireless charging technology built into the furniture pieces. Still, efforts to make wireless charging furniture a thing are a-buzzing. Here are three product lines to watch (and perhaps try) for hopeful early adopters.

Ikea's Wireless Charging Collection

Released last spring, Ikea's wireless charging collection includes not only the lamps and night stands shown above, but also minimalist charging pads and charging units (which can be installed anywhere with a drill bit) for those who want to easy their way into this wireless charging thing.

Curvilux Smart Furniture

Argentina-based company Curvilux just launched its first product, a clean-lined night stand with built-in wireless charging on Indiegogo, and if the crowdfunding campaign goes well, the product is expected to ship out in November. More intriguing is the company's plans to start an entire system of smart furniture, offered on a subscription basis and targeted to apartment dwellers.

Fonesalesman's FurniQi

Though currently specializing in standalone wireless charging pads, London-based company Fonesalesman is also developing FurniQi, a range of simple furniture pieces with built-in Qi wireless charging technology. Its first product, also a night stand, is made using hand-harvested Mao Zhu bamboo.