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George R.R. Martin Funded This Abandoned Bowling Alley-Turned-Fantasy World in Santa Fe

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If projects like this are what's stopping him from finishing those books, we're okay with it

Meow Wolf, the abandoned bowling alley in Santa Fe that a collective of around 150 artists transformed into a trippy fantasy land, has been open for a couple weeks now, and the pictures that are coming out of there are pretty incredible. But we would expect no less from a project of such scale that was funded by A Song of Ice and Fire (on which Game of Thrones is based) creator George R.R. Martin, who bought the building in January 2014 and provided an additional $3 million in funding for the project. Check out these pictures and then head over to the Meow Wolf Instagram page for many, many more.

A Huge Abandoned Bowling Alley in Santa Fe Has Been Turned into an Immersive Art Environment Now Open to the Public [Colossal]