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Ikea Will Offer Sleek Lightweight Bike This Summer

No word yet on whether assembly will be required

Ikea's good for a lot of things—beyond it's ubiquitous DIY furniture, the Swedish company also slings plants, candles, kitchenware of all sorts, coloring books, hydroponic gardening kits (available in the U.S. in spring 2017), and...bicycles?

Yes, bicycles. Dubbed Sladda, the lightweight, aluminum-frame unisex bicycle is built to wind along city streets in style. Designers from Swedish studio Veryday collaborated with Ikea on the bicycle's clean-lined design and its accessories, which include a trolley on wheels that rolls behind the bike, a rack, and a basket.

Rust-resistant components—like the drive belt, which the company says will last nearly 9,500 miles before it will need replacing—help keep things low maintenance. And adjustable handlebars and wheels that come in two sizes (26 and 28 inches) mean it can be used by adult cyclists of all sizes.

Itching to buy one of your own? Ikea is making the Sladda available in Europe in August, but it'll cost you. The bikes start at a not-inexpensive €699 (or about $789). Though the company hasn't yet said when customers can expect it stateside, we'll keep you posted.

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