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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bonkers Design for the Arizona Capitol Looks Like a Sci-Fi Greenhouse

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Designed "for the public good"

Looking more Buckminster Fuller than Prairie style, Frank Lloyd Wright's 1957 design for the Arizona Capitol building has everything a state legislative body might need; honeycombed glass canopy (with a few fountains and trees popping through), three hexagonal towers, a pair of symmetrical office wings, and a towering faceted spire reaching for the heavens.

According to architect Arnold Roy, Wright created the futuristic design "for the public good" after getting a glimpse at other proposals for a new capitol annex.

"Frank Lloyd Wright was so appalled at the lack of quality of the architecture that he designed the Arizona State Capitol," Roy told 12News.

Wright named the design "The Oasis" and began making the rounds trying to convince local officials of its merit. Arnold Roy was then the young apprentice tasked with handling the massive rendering.

Politics being what it is, The Oasis was never built.

However, in 2004, Roy successfully had the 125-foot-tall spire of the proposed building constructed and installed in Scottsdale, Arizona -- at the corner of Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright.

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