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Glorious Redesign Saves Midcentury Ranch After Fire Damage

With inspiration from a children's treehouse

Serious fire damage didn't spell the end for this midcentury ranch home sitting on the edge of Saxon Woods Park in Mamaroneck, NY, a village about 20 miles north of Manhattan. Rather, the owners enlisted architect Stephen Moser to give it a drastic revamp involving several additions and design references to a treehouse built in the woods on the property.

The now 6,600-square-foot home features a new covered entrance supported by tree-like arching steel columns, an expanded second-floor master bedroom suite with a deck, a glassy family room overlooking an indoor pool, and low-e windows all over the place. As Dwell notes, Douglas fir is employed all over the home as well, from exterior to the living room shelving to the ceilings, giving this larger-than-life treehouse a thoroughly warm, cozy feel. Get the full story here.