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Drone Photos of Hong Kong Reveal City's Dark, Brooding Side

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Though New York may be "Gotham," Hong Kong certainly looks the part here

Ah, the power of photography. The best work in the medium—especially when it comes to architecture and urbanism—gets us to see things anew. So the work of Hong Kong-based lensman Andy Yeung is a good example of what a keen eye can reveal about a place.

Working in his hometown, Yeung has captured his city in full, vivid color with stunning images taken with a drone during the day. Now, Yeung has turned his eye on Hong Kong at night, at the height of its "fog season," which lasts each year between January and April. The city—aglow with the mulitcolored artificial lights of offices, homes, signage, and more—takes on a dark, Gotham-esque look equal parts forbidding and alluring. Take a look.

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