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5 Stellar Tiny Houses You Can Buy Right Now

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A model for every taste

With the stream of new tiny homes running steady week after week, it can be hard to keep track of what's out there. Here, we select some of the finest examples that offer superb features and are all ready to order (or pre-order) in the U.S. This crop showcases different sizes, price points, and approaches to living small. It's called a tiny house movement, but it's definitely not one size fits all. Take a closer look below and browse tiny homes coverage across the entire Curbed network here.

The Glass (tiny) House :

Name: Escape Vista

Size: 160 square feet

Cost: $46,600

Key features: Full bed with pop-up TV, kitchen with open-shelving and under-counter fridge/freezer, bathroom with shower and toilet, full-height cabinets, built-in cubbies and drawers, huge windows [More info]

The teeny-tiny house :

Name: The Salsa Box by Shelter Wise

Size: 96 square feet

Cost: From $28,000

Key features: Tiny green roof, stainless steel appliances, Queen size bed, mini tub/shower, flushing toilet (off-grid option possible), built-in open shelving

The mod-rustic tiny house :

Name: Amalfi Edition by Tiny Living Homes

Size: 310 square feet

Cost: From around $33,400

Key features: White cabinetry, cedar beams, wall mounted sink, flushing or composting toilet, shower, stairs with hidden storage,

The eco-friendly tiny house :

Name: The Roving by 84 Lumber

Size: 154 square feet

Cost: From $49,884

Key features: Full bed, mini front porch, reclaimed wood details, energy-efficient LED lighting, cork flooring, composting toilet, Energy Star fridge [More info]

The tricked-out teardrop trailer that might as well be a tiny house:

Name: Homegrown Trailer

Size: 90 square feet

Cost: From $26,500

Key features: Wood paneling, 6-foot-five headroom, 400-watt solar panels (100 percent solar powered), induction cooktop and mini fridge, composting toilet, fits Queen bed and two twin bunks [More info]