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This Canoe-Shaped Casket Could Be Repurposed as a Bookshelf...If You Want

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Doesn't seem like the most sanitary bookshelf...

These canoe caskets made by Texas-based Phoenix Boatworks are perfectly nice and, if you're burying a loved one who was really into canoeing, could be the perfect thing. It's this next part that gives us pause. Via Inhabitat:

The main body can be installed with shelves to make for a gorgeous bookshelf and to challenge the idea that caskets only need to serve one purpose for one day. The shelves can be removed when the casket is needed and a smaller memorial bookshelf detached for display after the funeral service.

Was that an idea that really needed to be challenged? Would it not be very strange to own a bookshelf in which a family member had once spent time, while dead? Is that even sanitary? To be fair, all of our funereal knowledge comes from Six Feet Under, but we know for a fact that David Fisher would not approve.

Canoe caskets let you set sail on your final voyage [Inhabitat]