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Look at All the Fun Stuff in This $8M Houston Mansion

Sports jerseys, sculptures, and directors chairs, oh my

Sorry there isn't a more specific descriptor for what this house contains than "fun stuff," but it really runs the gamut (although the main two categories seem to be Sports Memorabilia and Funky Sculptures). Also, it is exceedingly unlikely that any of this fun stuff comes with the house, which is on the market for $7.995 million and is...fine. So this is basically just an exercise in Looking at Some Fun Stuff, including:

  • two dinosaurs
  • some sort of capsizing ship
  • a ceramic man riding a ceramic beast, both with anguished facial expressions
  • about a million sports jerseys
  • a heart-shaped hot tub
  • cast and director chairs from The Godfather
  • ...and so much more

528 Buckingham Dr, Houston, TX 77024 [Zillow]