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This Tableware Looks Pretty Great Considering That It Is Made Out of Dung

Forcing you to confront the question: would you eat out of a poop bowl?

If you have never before considered eating out of a bowl made of cow poop, that is pretty understandable. But the Museo della Merda (a.k.a. The Shit Museum) in Milan, Italy aims to change that, by confronting us with ways in waste could be practically repurposed. The museums first collection of products, designed by SIAM and 5Vie art + design, is made out of "merdacotta," a combination of dried cow dung and clay. And, we must admit, they look pretty good. Even though this whole "eating off of poop" concept has only had a few minutes to take root in our minds, it's already starting to grow on us.

museo della merda shits-out collection of dung-made products [design boom]