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Eco-Conscious Summer House in Maine Elevates Simple Materials

Pine and fiber-cement clapboard combine to magical effect

Summer homes on the Design Internet seem to come in two flavors—covetably luxurious or realistically aspirational enough to fool us into thinking we could one day have one of our own.

This 1,600-square-foot, three-bedroom house in Freeport, Maine, by Belfast, Maine-based Go Logic—an architecture and construction firm known for its sustainable and prefabricated homes across the northeastern U.S.—falls into the latter camp.

The Cousins River Residence, as it's been named, is made of unglamorous fiber-cement clapboard and pine deployed to charmingly simple, handsome effect by Go Logic's designers. Comprised of three structures—the residence, a garage, and a screened porch—the dwelling incorporates passive design strategies including concrete flooring to help maintain a livable internal temperature year-round and south-facing windows and doors to maximize natural light inside the house and cut down on the need for artificial illumination.

Take a look around.

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