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Spring Gardening Is Upon Us! What's Blooming in Your Home?

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We want to see your flowers, succulents, and more

Spring is here! And its arrival means one thing: It's time to whip out the greenery—flowers, succulents, and all—and beautify our homes. In honor of warmer, sunnier days, we want to see the unique ways you've decorated your homes with plants.

From repotting house plants in copper pitchers, like L.A. designer Justina Blakeney...

Jungulus Maximus. #JungalowStyle

A photo posted by Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney) on hand-crafted Star Wars-themed terrariums (The force is strong with this one)...

...and festive bouquets that even your canine companion enjoys.

Conceptual birthday bouquet off the chain from the mad geniuses at @hollyflorala BLOOMING PRICKLY PEAR

A photo posted by Lily Stockman (@lilystockman) on

How about a balcony garden with a view (and a tiny Buddha for good luck)?

Today's gardening project is complete! #lovewhereyoulive #curbed #succulents

A photo posted by Sally Kuchar (@sallykuchar) on

Or a repurposed coffee mug for storing your succulents?

We've even jumped on the wagon here at Curbed HQ.

It's no California, but midtown just got a upgrade.

A photo posted by kelseykeith (@kelseykeith) on

What greenery did you put up in your home? Post your photos and share your tips in the comments below.

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