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Check Out Frank Gehry’s L.A.-Inspired Interior for the Model Apartment at Battersea

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Behind a typically abstract Gehry facade, a rather faceless modern interior

The interiors of model apartments rarely spark rapture, but the first photos of the Frank Gehry-designed model flat at London's Battersea Power Station development are fairly underwhelming. A single curvy angled wall is the only hint that this generically modern space is inside a typically bonkers Gehry facade.

Press materials say the interior design for Prospect Place, Gehry's first permanent building in London, was inspired by Los Angeles, according to The Spaces, and that the rooms are meant to evoke "adventure, excitement and breaking out of the ordinary design concepts."

Architecture heavyweights Frank Gehry and Norman Foster teamed up in 2013 to design a new development adjacent to London's enormous and iconic Battersea Power Station (see Pink Floyd's album cover for Animals). The more than $12.6 billion Battersea project will create a sleek new neighborhood of undulating glass condos and rentals with a pubic square designed by Bjarke Ingels.

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