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8 Shipping Containers Combine to Create Surprisingly Luxurious Home in Mexico

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It's a real 'machine for living'

We've seen shipping container restaurants, research centers, and, of course, homes of all sizes, but the RDP House, made of recycled shipping containers outside Tijuana, Mexico, by local architect Daniel Moreno Flores, is a vision nonetheless.

Comprised of a total of eight metal containers (seven 20-foot units and a single 40-foot one) resting on a concrete foundation, the structure's exterior does little to mask the rough, unvarnished exterior of the containers. Instead, the roughly 2,700-square-foot house (251.75 square meters, to be exact) has a rugged overall look, combining glass windows, corrugated metal siding, and wooden elements (like eaves and cladding in some areas) to handsome effect.

Concrete floors and unfinished surfaces inside lend the interiors a rugged air, but the house certainly has its creature comforts, including a fully equipped open-plan kitchen, a sunken bathtub in the master bedroom, and a patio with a suspended fireplace (to say nothing of the grand piano, pictured).

Steel rods suspended between the containers and a tensile cable system support the long, flat roof. It all adds up to a house that is very much a "machine for living," to paraphrase Le Corbusier. The total construction budget? $170,000. Check it out.

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