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Dramatic Midcentury Home in the Bay Area Asks $815K

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Behold those soaring glass walls

Location: Kensington, CA

Price: $815,000

This atmospheric midcentury modern home in Kensington, a town just north of Berkeley, California, was designed by Roger Lee, one of the first Chinese-American architects in the U.S. when he was licensed in the late '40s. Lee designed in the blooming modernist style of the era, embracing clean lines, open plans, glass walls, and redwood paneling, all ideas showcased in this 1961 home.

The airy ground level, which retains plentiful built-in shelving and access to front and rear patios, features an open staircase leading to the second floor with two bedrooms. According to the listing, the second level comes with bay views—or at the very least, as these photos suggest, a feeling of living among trees.