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British Government to Thwart the Will of the People, Nix 'RRS Boaty McBoatface'

If this is what starts the revolution, we won't be surprised

Britain's Natural Research Council is at a crossroads after the name "RRS Boaty McBoatface" won an online poll to name a new £200 million polar research ship. Although that name got more than four times the number of votes of the second place finisher ("RRS Poppy-Mai," named after a 16-month girl with terminal cancer), Britain's science minister was quoted as saying that "Some [of the names] were more suitable than others," indicating that Boaty McBoatface may not be considered. Although he also could have been talking about the fourth place finisher, "RRS It’s bloody cold here."

Boaty McBoatface Name ‘Not Suitable’, Science Minister Jo Johnson Says [Huffington Post]