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If You Like Books, Here's a Sofa That Spells Out the Word 'Book'

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How else are you going to communicate your love of books?

One of the great design conundrums of our time is how, with regular old paper books being replaced by iPads and Kindles, we are supposed to communicate our bibliophilia. Do we glue a bunch of books to the wall above our bed? Do we shove a bunch of books backwards into a fireplace? Now, designer Randy Colombo has created a sofa for Prospettiva that efficiently communicates its owners love of books (while harming no actual books in the process) by spelling out the word "book," with the "k" serving dual purpose as the arm and an end table. "Wow," visitors to your home will remark, upon seeing it. "This person really likes book."

Design spotting: Pop art-inspired Book Sofa by Prospettiva [WowHaus]