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This Colorful Sydney House Is Fabulously '80s

So groovy

Completed in 1987, this pastel wonderland of a residence in Sydney was originally commissioned by an advertising exec as his "trophy home." But after just three years, the striking house, created by architect Peter Stronach and interior designer George Freedman, was sold to adman-turned-famed-broadcaster-and-film-producer Philip Adams. Though the house's original pink and blue facade was repainted to a more subtle black and white recently, Adams has largely kept the interiors in tact, which means it's still got the eye-popping walls, glass block accents, rad blue tiled bathroom, and glorious yellow steel staircase.

Adams did add quite a bit of art to the three-story house, however, which is now showcased prominently on the walls by the stairs. For a closer look at the home—currently on the market for somewhere in the $4.1M to $4.3M range—head over to Vogue Living, which first featured the home soon after it was completed in 1987.