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Angled Black Pine Cabin in Norway Doubles As a Ski Slope

And it even boasts off-the-grid amenities like solar panels

A newly completed cabin in Norway near Lillehammer doesn't just embrace the ski lifestyle, it actually lets you ski on the building. First reported on Designbloom and designed by the Norwegian architecture studio Vardehaugen, the Cabin Vindheim consists of a series of sloping roofs that jut out from the snow. By extending the gables all the way to the ground, the architects encourage people to "walk on top of the cabin and even sled, ride, or ski down the sloping roof."

The house wouldn't make for a lengthy ski run, but we bet the sledding sessions could be fun. And all those angles create an interesting space, with interior windows that allow you to gaze up at the stars and picturesque views of the surrounding forest.

The exterior of the home is made with black-stained pine wood, and the interior is finished with a waxed poplar veneer. While not exactly a tiny home, its 592-square-foot footprint isn't large. Still, the design manages to squeeze in a living room, one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, ski mud room, mezzanine, and a utility room. It's also ready to live off-the-grid, with a solar panel for electricity and a wood-fired oven in the kitchen.