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This Is the Chair You Need If You Smoke Cigars Inside Your House

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Not that we would ever recommend that, but it a really nice chair

The main good thing about cigars is that when you smoke them you feel like a rich and powerful person, the type of person who controls a medium-to-large corporation and can change the lives of lesser people with a flick of your finger. The main bad thing about cigars is that they smell terrible, forever. Taking all of that into account, we would not recommend smoking cigars inside of your own home, but if that is what you are determined to do, then this smokers' armchair from Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German lawyer Alexander Sauer will make the process very easy. In addition to being leather and comfy (chances are, if you like smoking cigars you also enjoy a nice leather chair) it has hidden drawers in the arms in which you can store your cigars, ashtrays, cigar cutters, and tumblers of scotch.

This chair was designed specifically for cigar aficionados [contemporist, via design you trust]