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Inside a Stunning Monastery-Inspired Home for a Buddhist Family

Light! Drama!

Ho Chi Minh City has seen an abundance of brilliant vertical residences as of late, and this home built for a family of Buddhists is just the latest example. Designed by Vietnamese studio HA, the four-story home, appropriately named Zen House, offers a simple, natural material palette that includes raw wood, white tiles, and concrete bricks. The drama and intrigue are in the layout and details, however.

Organized around a central atrium, which funnels light onto all floors, the house is a bit like a vertical village of sorts. Common spaces, like the living room, dining room, and kitchen are on the ground floor. But towards the rear, a steel-framed staircase zig-zags up the home, landing at a seemingly suspended "house"-like volume that holds the bedrooms and bathrooms. As seen in the photos, this combination of void and mass—along with perforated clay blocks, slats, and screens—create dynamic light and shadows in the home throughout the day. Dezeen has the full story.